Managed Printing Solutions (MPS)

What your printer does could save nearly 40% to 50% of printing related expenses. Any company that has a requirement for more than 5,000 printouts a month must look into whether it is using its devices optimally. This is where MPS comes in. Through MPS, we understand organizational needs and then provide the most appropriate printing solution.

With our MPS, businesses can leave all their printer-related issues to us and focus on their core business priorities.

MPS – A Business-Oriented Printer Solution

This includes maintenance of devices, time and labor invested by IT staff to maintain them, time spent by employees learning to use these devices, volume of electricity usage, expenses on toners and cartridges, AMCs, carbon emissions, time lost due to paper-jams or faulty printing, etc.

Printech’s MPS is a holistic printing solution that ensures the following:

  • Your printing costs reduce approximately by 40% to 50%
  • Dependency on IT is brought down considerably
  • You have more control over the printing of your documents, especially confidential documents such as invoices, contracts, or salary slips
  • You have more control over the printing of your documents, especially confidential documents such as invoices, contracts, or salary slips
  • Optimal usage of devices
  • A 'greener' option
  • Increase in employee productivity
  • Centralized handling of all printer-related tasks
  • Better control over confidential documents

Our MPS involves a complete, holistic approach where we handle all your organization’s printing requirements. Our approach involves the following stages:

  • Thorough assessment of your organization’s printing profile
  • Provision of a diagnostic solution
  • Strong presence across South of India making installation of device, provision of technical support, maintenance, and troubleshooting accessible

Any organization which prints a minimum of 5000 pages per month can opt for MPS services.

MPS is also a versatile solution and works well across industries. Printech has implemented MPS for companies in the following industries: E-Commerce, Govt. offices, Logistics, Education, Health and Wellness, and Banking and Financial Services.

Every organization has a specific printing pattern and usage, we completely understand that one size fits all approach may not benefit the customer. Our approach is consultative where we first understand our customers core printing requirement, their pain areas and then offer them solutions which will benefit them.

We offer Thre options:

  1. Per Cartridge Model: This option is available to clients who can commit to a fixed amount of toners and cartridges every month. In this case, the billing is based on the number of toners used.
  2. Per Page Model: This option is available to clients who prefer to use a printer on the basis of per page cost. In this case, billing is based on the number of pages printed each month.
  3. Lease Model: This option involves the rental arrangement for a printer. Based on stipulations of the rental agreement, the client gets a certain number of free prints.

Each of these options comes with the following services:

  • Consultation and study of current printing pattern
  • Deployment of Laser printers at Customer site.
  • Maintenance and support for the printer supplied.
  • Supply of Printech Toner cartridges.
  • Printing Fault handling services.

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